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Senior and Elder Care in Lancaster & York, PA

What Makes By Your Side Home Care Different From Other Lancaster & York Home Care Companies?

We have built a strong reputation in our community throughout Lancaster and York, PA, and consistently receive a 96%+ satisfaction rating from our clients!.

We provide customized scheduling options to accommodate your situation. Whether you need assisted living services in York County, PA, 24-hour care in Lancaster or personal senior home care assistance for just a few hours a day, our elder and senior care options will meet your unique needs.

All of our senior and elder personal assistance services are available at affordable prices to help maintain your budget!

Home Health Care

About Our Special Staff
senior home care lancaster pa

Our “Special Staff” has a combined experience of over 39 years in matching highly-screened care providers with the home care needs of clients. They are committed to providing excellent customer service as they assist you in finding the perfect caregiver to service your home care needs. Our staff’s commitment to you does not end there; they are available to you throughout the care process and can get in touch with your personal health care provider when needed.

All of our placement coordinators have experience in providing direct care to clients. Additionally, they have experience working with hospice care companies in Lancaster, PA, which gives them a unique perspective on both health and home care requirements. We believe that this perspective is a crucial ingredient to assessing the needs of elderly clients and matching them with the skill level of registered caregivers. The staff at By Your Side Home Care is here to answer your questions, especially if you’re new to the home health care process. We can provide clear, understandable answers to decrease the daunting task of arranging the absolute best care and assistance for your loved one.

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Personal Care

Since 1994, By Your Side Home Care has maintained a strong commitment to referring high-quality, experienced caregivers at the lowest possible cost to the consumer. Over the years, we have referred care providers to thousands of Lancaster and York County families. With a registry of over 180 quality care providers, it is likely we will have the perfect personal senior or elder caregiver to meet your individualized needs.

Home Care Assistance

We are often told that the caregivers we refer become an integral part of the family and develop lasting relationships; that makes us feel very good about what we do! Along with this, our client satisfaction ratings exceed 98%. We are accountable for the caregiver referrals we make, and if there is ever a referral that does not meet your expectations, a new referral will be made, no questions asked. It is this commitment that has built our reputation in the Lancaster and York communities. At By Your Side Home Care, we also understand that home care can be expensive. That’s why we are committed to keeping our overhead low and passing those savings on to the consumer. By Your Side Home Care clients generally pay at least 25% less for care while receiving high-quality, one-on-one attention in the comfort of their home.

Your Care, Your Choice! For many clients, having a consistent caregiver who understands their individualized needs, routines and personality is a very important aspect of high-quality dementia care in York, PA.

6 Ways To Pay
For Home Care

Can a Reverse Mortgage Help Pay for In-Home Care?

Reverse mortgages were introduced by the government to help seniors stay in their home until they pass. These types of loans are only available to those who are 62 and older, and can indeed be used to pay for in-home care. However, this loan also comes with certain limitations. For example, the original bank that offered the loan must be paid back before a chunk of the reverse mortgage is paid. Therefore, it would be wise to consult with a bank or broker to determine if using a reverse mortgage to help pay for in-home care is the right route.

Using Long-Term Care Insurance to Pay for In-Home Care.

You would think using your long-term care insurance to pay for in-home care is a no brainer. However, this is easier said than done, as some policies do not recognize in-home care companies like By Your Side Home Care. The fact of the matter is, most will only cover nursing home care but not in-home care, unless your loved one is seriously hurt or incapacitated.

Is It True That Veterans Benefits Can Help You Pay for In-Home Care?

It is true that Veterans Benefits can help you pay for in-home care. However, the process to acquire Veterans Benefits can be time-consuming. It needs to be proven that your loved one was active for more than ninety days, received an honorable discharge and they must have documentation from their doctor that says he or she is unable to care for themselves. If you need any help proving that your loved one is eligible for Veterans Benefits, you can reach out to Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs).

Using Life Insurance to Help Pay for Your In-Home Care.

If you and your loved one determine it is in your best interests to use his or her life insurance policy to help pay for in-home care, this is certainly doable. Although doing this is not without its hurdles, most of the time those who decide to do this will acquire the money quickly. Typically, the way in which you can acquire the money is through having your loved one sell the policy back to the insurance company for half of what it's worth. If the company does not buy it back, there are others out there that will and will also pay the premiums until your loved one passes away.

Can You Use a Collective Sibling Agreement to Pay for In-Home Care?

If you are close with your siblings and your parents are no longer able to care for themselves, coming together to figure out how to pay for in-home care will allow you all to do less worrying. However, even if there is no "official" documentation involved with doing this, you all need to be clear about what you are able and unable to pay. If one of you decides to care for your parents and expect some reimbursement, you need to log your hours, as well as maintain receipts and invoices. While all of you coming together to pay for in-home care should be easy, there might be some tension and disagreement down the road, if someone’s bank runs dry. So, discuss a second option in the event that your "Collective Sibling Agreement" happens to end.

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By Your Side Home Care provides professional elder and senior care givers so your loved one can remain safe at home. We provide many options of in home care to suite all needs.