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Hospice Care in Lancaster & York, PA

For over twenty years, we at By Your Side Home Care have partnered with local Hospice Care companies in Lancaster, PA, and Hospice Care companies in York, PA, to guarantee that our clients receive all of the care they need. Even though our hospice and community care services are strictly non-medical, we see this collaboration with hospices as one of the many benefits of hiring us for our services.

What is the main benefit of utilizing home care and hospice care services at the same time?

Typically, people who receive hospice care are in the final moments of their life. Also, those who receive it are individuals who cannot respond to regular medical treatment. Therefore, if it is the individual’s desire to live out their last days at home, most people opt for both hospice and in home care services.

hospice care york pa

Home care and hospice companies can complement each other very well, given the
non-medical and medical/skilled care that they provide at the same time.

Hospice caregivers—who are often nurses or social workers—solely administer medication and monitor the patient’s health. On the other hand, in-home caregivers help with everything non-medical related, such as running errands, grocery shopping, the clients personal care needs such as bathing, and assistance with dressing, repositioning, assistance walking and more. Therefore, one of the most obvious benefits of using both services is that your loved one will have all of his or her needs addressed.

Those who need hospice care in Lancaster, PA, or hospice care in York, PA, can rest assured that
By Your Side Home Care will be able to find you the right company to suit you or your loved one's needs!

At By Your Side Home Care, we refer out to hospice companies and receive a high number of return referrals from organizations that have clients looking for experienced in-home caregivers. Also, when individuals are looking for hospice care in Lancaster, PA, or hospice care in York, PA, we have a list of preferred companies that will prove ideal for certain medical conditions more than others.

Whether a client needs hospice care to make the last few months of a family member’s life comfortable, assisted living services in York, PA, a dementia caregiver in Lancaster, PA, or 24-hour care at their York, PA home, By Your Side Home Care can help.