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7 Tips to Keeping Seniors Safe While Online

September 18, 2017

  How can seniors remain safe online? The Internet offers wonderful opportunities for learning new information, shopping, communicating with loved ones, reading, watching videos, and playing games. Today some excellent online resources promote healthy senior lifestyles. However, senior citizens and senior in-home care providers must always remember the importance of maintaining adequate Internet security to […]

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Am I Too Young to Retire?

August 16, 2017

Risks & Benefits of Seniors Retiring Early Tired of burning the midnight oil, waking up at the crack of dawn, commuting to work in bad weather, and answering to a boss each day? If so, early retirement is probably becoming an increasingly tempting idea for seniors. From waking up when you want and wearing your […]

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Understanding The Good, Bad, and Hot Flashes of Menopause

June 21, 2017

Every woman goes through menopause, but each has different experiences during this often difficult transitional time. Some breeze right through it, while others suffer terribly from mood swings, hot flashes, memory loss, and even dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Fortunately, there are ways of dealing with these menopausal symptoms. From senior care to proper sleep and […]

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5 Warning Signs You May Be at Risk for Dementia

May 12, 2017

  Millions of people suffer from dementia each year. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, 47.5 million people live with dementia, making it a serious cause of concern for aging adults. While most people associate dementia with Alzheimer’s and memory loss, research shows there are a number of symptoms marking this complex condition, […]

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Home Safety for Dementia Patients

March 27, 2017

Home safety is vital for everyone, but it is more of concern when you have a family member suffering from dementia. When a family member has Alzheimer’s, his rational judgment continues to deteriorate as the disease advances in stages. Alzheimer’s disease can have the following effects on the patient depending on the stage; Behavior: the […]

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Helpful Tips for Persuading an Elderly Parent to Accept Home Care

February 22, 2017

A Widespread Dilemma Families sometimes discover an elderly relative would benefit from regular in-home care. Yet frequently a senior initially resists the idea of accepting help. Have you wondered how to introduce this topic to an aging parent? The dilemma poses challenges for many people today! Remember Some Key Facts About Aging Physical mobility and […]

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Recreational Activities for Seniors

January 19, 2017

  As we age, we become increasingly sedentary yet we still require physical and mental activity to boost our quality of life. Those providing in-home care, therefore, should interact with an older person and keep them active at the same time. Doing so helps to stimulate older people’s minds and bodies, particularly those suffering from […]

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Effect of Pets On Those Needing In-Home Care

November 29, 2016

If you require in-home care, you should consider adding a pet to your life. Many people start to get lonely as they get older. Getting a pet could be just the thing to bring some joy to your life and it can help to relieve your anxiety. There are lots of reasons that you should […]

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