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Caregivers help by assisting with daily activities

Registered In Home & Live In Caregivers

The independent home health care providers referred by By Your Side Home Care in Lancaster and York, PA, are highly screened and experienced. They undergo a thorough background screen and a detailed personal interview. In home caregivers we refer are compassionate about the work they perform for their clients, and often go the extra mile for them. That is part of what makes them “SPECIAL;” their special talent of caring and their skill set are the combination of qualities that set them apart. These are also the qualities that the staff at By Your Side Home Care would want in a caregiver providing care to themselves or a loved one in their family. This is a gauge in which we at By Your Side Home Care use to assess whether an individual is appropriate for a referral to a client.

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Caregiver Testimonials

Why We Love Working With By Your Side Home Care in Lancaster & York, PA


Availability of work from By Your Side Home Care:

I feel confident that when I need extra work, it is available.
- Leslie

Georgine Ansel

Client Experience:

Great experience not only to be there for their care, but to also get to know them personally. Joy to my client's and myself enlightening their life.
- Georgine

Kathy Kurtz

Ability to set own rates compared to other agencies:

You can talk to your client and discuss your worth to them. I love this option.
- Kathy

Linda Groah

Client Experience:

Being able to touch client's by helping them with those special things that they need. How special I become to my clients and how much I learn from them. Just how much my presence can be a comfort to people.
- Linda

Office working to provide work:

The office staff and communication is awesome. Always giving us detailed complete information for clients.
- Clelia (CJ)

Martha Jean Anderson, a long-time caregiver, wrote "Why Do I Care for Them?" This is a great read.

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