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Assisted Living in York County, PA

At By Your Side Home Care, we provide assisted living services to seniors throughout York and Lancaster, PA. However, we are not an assisted living community. Our company places caregivers in homes to help individuals with everyday tasks. What do we mean by "everday tasks?" When a referred caregiver comes out to your loved one’s York County, PA home, he or she will have all of their non-medical needs addressed.

  • In other words, referred caregivers can do the following:
  • - Bathe and dress the individual.
  • - Help him or her walk around their home and get in and out of bed.
  • - Set reminders to take medicine.
  • - Do miscellaneous tasks such as deliver mail or pick up groceries.
  • - Accompany the individual as a companion to social events.
assisted living york pa

Assisted Living in Lancaster, PA

Will there be an issue if your loved one receives assisted living and home health care?

Absolutely not. Many caregivers placed throughout homes in Lancaster, PA, and York, PA, work side by side with medical personnel. In the end, our company's and caregiver's goal is the same as the health care provider—to ensure that your loved one has everything possible to guarantee that he or she is healthy and comfortable.

Assisted Living in York, PA

By Your Side Home Care Offers Assisted Living in Lancaster and York County, PA, Both Day & Night.

One of the benefits of choosing our company is that you will have tons of options. In fact, all of our home care services are entirely customizable. We offer live-in care options, 24-hour care options and, if you only need help for a few hours each day, we can get you the assistance that you need.

Can our caregivers work round-the-clock?

Individuals who require round-the-clock supervision (as well as live-in care) should know that caregivers will be available for 16 of the 24 hours so that they can get sleep. If your loved one needs constant supervision while he or she is sleeping, we will provide you with multiple caregivers.

Those who need dementia care in Lancaster, PA, and 24-hour care in York, PA, can rely on By Your Side Home Care for compassionate and highly capable caregivers. We also have partnerships with many hospice care companies in York, PA, who will be able to help him or her live a comfortable and pain-free life during those final days.

To hear more about our services, please email or call us at any time of the day.